Keeping your business going is our priority.

 We look after clients in a wide range of industries and business sizes, from construction companies to state government departments, sporting venues and fashion houses. The one thing that remains consistent across these industries is our excellent service.

“Digiworld is my preferred supplier as they are knowledgeable with corporate requirements, reliable in their commitments to the customer and most importantly believe in forging good long lasting relationships with their customers which works out well for everyone involved. “

Neeraj Subramanian, Technical Services & Project Manager
Lucas Restaurants


The Digiworld Story

Digiworld is a privately owned Australian hardware and software service company, established in 1995. We started in IT solutions when it was a burgeoning industry and we have grown alongside it. We have built lasting relationships with world leading vendors and have developed rigorous knowledge of products, price negotiations and supply chain operations. We’re here for the long term, maintaining steady growth and leadership in our niche, with a proven track record and many satisfied customers.

In 2014 we joined our parent company, Envisian, to focus on expert delivery of B2B services, supporting small to medium enterprises and large corporations to improve information availability/mobility.

The Digiworld Promise

No matter what your business looks like or how big or small you are, we will provide seamless, hassle free support to nurture your success – with the best fit products, prompt delivery, competitive price value, and dedicated after sales service.

You could be a small graphic house, a growing retailer, or a large government department. Either way, everyone needs technology. Fast networks, the right hardware and great software can facilitate communication, enhance security and grow your business. We have experience across a range of industries Australia wide, so no matter how you work, we can meet your needs.

Our promise to you is the right product, at the right price, delivered on time, serviced for life.