We are more than IT sales

To our clients we are a reliable, committed IT partner.  Always on-call to meet their growing needs, to replace old equipment, to help move office and/or to deliver that urgent cable, adapter or keyboard.


Cosmetics – supporting growth

We met when they were just starting out with a new approach to selling make-up, back in 2011. Our first sale was a handful of desktops. We delivered promptly and made sure we were always available to answer questions, provide advice or shoot over a cable, mouse or other IT accessories. We were there when they opened their next store, moved to a bigger head office, updated to new devices. Today, our client has grown to over 100 stores and 3,500 employees Australia wide and in New Zealand. Our partnership has made that growth easier.

Construction – remote site fit-out

When you are in the building game, the bulk of your work is away from head office. Each new project requires a remote site office that connects seamlessly to HQ with compatible hardware and software. However, it’s not just about the computers and laptops. Cables, monitors, servers, network hardware can make or break the system. We work with three major construction companies, delivering essential equipment and accessories nationally, within 24 hours.

Restaurants – fast service

Our client is committed to creating new dining experiences across Australia.  The team’s focus is on ensuring its multiple venues continue to “serve great food by happy people”. They look to us to provide a seamless IT experience in the background. We are there, on-call, ready to replace their Lenovo and HP IT equipment and update their network hardware. As an accredited partner to both vendors, we guarantee fast turnaround on the latest business desktops and laptops.

Motorcycles – speedy delivery

Do our clients’ computers need to match the speed and reliability of their bikes? Definitely, if they want to meet client orders quickly and efficiently. That’s why Digiworld has been the dealership’s IT partner for 15 years. With precision and expertise, we ensure their 10 stores across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, as well as their warehouse and head office, have the latest model Lenovo desktops, laptops and accessories to keep their import, retail, and online activities humming.

Lawyers – moving office

For many businesses an office relocation is often a good time to review their IT set up. In the past few years, two of our clients – both in the legal profession, coincidently – decided to update, rather than move their old equipment. We found each client the right laptops, desktops, printers, and networking gear for their 150/200 users. We delivered everything to their new office. We unboxed, set up and imaged the new HP desktops/laptops. We cabled and connected them to the new infrastructure. And we did this in less than 10 working days, with minimal disruption to their respective businesses. It’s all part of the Digiworld service.

Education – smart advice

Curriculum planners need to keep up to date with the latest in technology. Consequently, they are constantly upgrading their IT hardware. They need an IT partner who knows their stuff. Our client got in touch some four years ago, based on our reputation for service and our 20-year experience in the IT reseller market. We ensure they have the latest HP monitors, desktops, laptops and tablets for their 200+ users, as well as keyboards, adapters, cables and other accessories as needed.

Hotels – prompt replacement

From bookings through to check out the accommodation industry depends on the reliability of their networked desktops, laptops and devices. Service is paramount. It can make or break a hotel’s reputation. The same applies to selling IT. We constantly strive to meet every client’s needs and expectations. Our mutual focus on service has made this client relationship work smoothly for the past 12 years.  We ensure the hotel group has the latest HP business equipment to support their rolling refurbishments at their Sydney and Melbourne properties. And throughout the year we quickly deliver accessories and other IT bits and pieces as needed.

Car Dealership – reliable service

Selling cars is like selling computers. Both need to match the product to the buyer and provide assurance it will go the distance. That’s why we’ve been working together with one of Melbourne’s top car dealers for over a decade, replacing products (Intel for computers and Meraki for wireless and cameras) as they age, or when they need additional capacity. We do this seamlessly. The service is steadfast. The quality is consistent. The trust is unfailing.

Graphic Designers – unifying infrastructure

Following a merger, we helped unify our client’s disparate Apple and Windows users. Our systems engineer migrated everyone to Office 365, which meant bringing Apple apps under the one umbrella of Outlook.  He de-activated the Active Directory, as it does not work well with IOS, while protecting Windows users from data loss during the decommissioning. Finally, he unified data storage on a new server, set up new back up procedures, simplified the network, redesigned the Wi-Fi network, and provided user training.